Initial Assessment – £250

The initial assessments lasts approximately 90 minutes and is an opportunity to discuss the issues affecting you. The session will be in complete confidence and there is no obligation for you to accept the recommendations for treatment.  Depending on complexity of the issue, the clinician will usually be able to make recommendations at the end of the assessment session. In some cases, he or she may wish to discuss with colleagues, and you will be contacted within 48 hours of assessment with the recommendations.

Assessment Report – Included with initial assessment

The assessment report outlines the recommended course of treatment, the costs of this treatment and reasoning for this treatment. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to undertake this course of treatment and the clinician is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Treatment Options

The treatment recommended for you will depend on your assessment. However, in order to give an indication of the types of treatment we may recommend, and the associated costs, please see below:

One to One Therapy – From £65 per hour (Birmingham) and from £85 per hour (London)
A talking therapy that allows the the therapist to take a multi-disciplinary approach, employing a variety of techniques to tailor the therapy to your needs.  Sessions last for 60 minutes and are held in luxurious, comfortable, private surroundings.

CBT  – From £65 per hour (Birmingham) and from £85 per hour (London)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – a talking therapy that helps to change the way that you think about things: your perception and perspective on the world around you, creating a more positive experience and interaction. A course of sessions is usually recommended – such as once per week for 6 weeks.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy –  (UK locations) – £450 (as part of small group) or £850 (one to one)
This hugely impactful form of specialist psychotherapy is particularly useful in the treatment of trauma – such as PTSD, bereavement or abuse. It is also effective in treatment of eating disorders and anxiety – being an excellent method of commencing treatment for clients who find discussion of issues too painful. EFP involves no riding or horsemanship – and a single session is often recommended as a prelude to longer term talking therapy.

Psychiatric Evaluation – From £250
A psychiatrist evaluation may be necessary in the instance that the client may need medication to support them during their treatment process.  For instance, to support detox in the event of treatment for substance misuse.

Residential Treatment – From £2500 per week (rising to £8,500 per week for luxury, bespoke treatment)
Residential treatment is an ‘intensive’ form of therapy that allows you to compress the weekly hours of therapy into much shorter periods of time.  Our residential programme combines all of our treatments – including Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy – within the fully inclusive weekly fee (which also includes accommodation and full board). Our residential centres are located in central England – in boutique hotel style accommodation in beautiful grounds.  A one week stay could includes daily group and one to one sessions, equine assisted psychotherapy, fitness, yoga and creative therapies – so represents excellent value and maximises time spent. Residential treatment is suitable for stress/burnout, depression, addiction, compulsive behaviours, eating disorders and trauma.